Supplier Energy

power, produced from central generating stations and distributed over an electrical transmission grid, is widely used in industrial, commercial and consumer applications. The most important electric power consumptions are electric motors power manufacturing machinery, subways and railway trains and electric lighting, air conditioning in hot climates, and in some places electric power is an economically competitive source of energy for building space heating. Use of electric power for pumping water ranges from individual household wells to irrigation projects and energy storage projects.
The important needs stated are proof of the importance of the production and development of energy equipment and Karun Energy as a supplier of power equipment with all its decades of experience has made every effort to provide the following:

Turbine and Generator with Gas fuel


Measures current

Capacitance meter
Measures the capacitance of a component

Cos Phi Meter

Measures the power factor
Current clamp
Measures current without physical connection
Electricity meter
Measures the amount of energy dissipated
Frequency counter
Measures the frequency of the current
Leakage tester
Measures leakage across the plates of a capacitor
General purpose instrument measures voltage, current and resistance (and sometimes other quantities as well)
Measures the resistance of a component
Q meter
Measures Q factor of the RF circuits
Measures the potential difference between two points in a circuit.
Measures the power
Test Equipment

Circuit breaker, Disconnector, Current transformer, Capacitive voltage transformer, Voltage transformer, Surge arrester)

Protection relay

AIS and GIS medium voltage switchgear (Panel) in 6kV up 33kV rang

Our company are very active and powerful in supplying in power and distribution transformer and accessories and reactors up to 400kV
In Different type (Oil, Resin and Hermetic)
Shunt and neutral reactors

GAS insulated Switchgear